Leg Exercises

Proper Form

When working out your legs it is most important to keep the back straight. To gain the most strength when working out legs stick with fewer repititions and heavier weight. Aim for sets of 5*5(5 reps for each of the 5 sets). To gain conditioning and endurance aim for 5*10(10 reps for each of the 5 sets).

Nutrition Tips

Natural Sugar
Don't let the name fool you. Natural sugar or cane sugar is very unhealthy in its refined form. Essentially, what makes cane sugar bad is that all the healthy things found in sugar cane is taken out when refining into cane sugar. Whats left is a sugar crystal that offers no health benefits and does nothing but raise diabetes, deseases, and blood sugar.
Artificial Sugar
Splenda is a prime example of artificial sugar and many studies argue that its actually worse than natural sugar due to the man made chemicals used to give Splenda and others their sweet taste. The human body doesn't react well overtime to man made ingredients.
Sugar From Fruits
There is some good news here and that is sugar from fruits is not only safe to eat but healthy as long as you don't over do it. The main reason why sugar from fruit is healthy is because fruit has fiber and loads of nutrients which makes it a solid food choice. Fiber slows down the digestion of food and that also includes sugar. By slowing down digestion the sugar isn't nearly as hostile to the human body and you wont experience a sugar rush like with refined sugar.